Electric Wheelchair Insurance

Electric wheelchair insurance is something that is necessary if your mobility depends on this type of equipment. You may be disabled, paralyzed, or have multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, making it impossible to get around. Why do you need electric wheelchair insurance? If any component malfunctions or your wheelchair is involved in an accident, you don't want to be left paying for all of the expenses yourself. You want to remain as independent as possible, but should anything happen to your wheelchair you may not have the money - well over $2,000 - to replace it.

You may be covered by Medicare

If you are 65 or older you may not have to purchase electric wheelchair insurance, as it is likely covered by Medicare. When prescribed by your doctor, Medicare normally covers 80% of the cost of an electric wheelchair; Medicaid also covers this type of expense in most states.

What if you are not eligible for Medicare?

Electric wheelchair insurance may be included in your health care policy. In most instances, your doctor must document why it is necessary for you to have this type of wheelchair rather than one that is manual. Be sure to learn from your insurance company whether your doctor needs to fill out any paperwork, or whether he/she just needs to provide them with a prescription for your electric wheelchair.

Be aware that if electric wheelchair insurance is offered under your health coverage, you may be required to get your chair from an authorized provider. Many insurance companies only cover costs for repair or replacement when you use the medical equipment offered by providers under your policy.

If your electric wheelchair is not covered by your health insurance provider, you can compare coverage and rates with other companies online. Electric wheelchair insurance may be something that is seldom heard of, but most insurance providers offer many types of coverage. Make sure the policies you are comparing are exactly the same, so that the prices you compare are for identical coverage.

Always check the dependability and reputation of providers who offer electric wheelchair insurance. You want to avoid purchasing a policy, only to find out when you need them that they are not stable, or that you have problems getting the company to pay out on a claim. Look for a provider that has been in business under the same name for years, and that has an outstanding reputation for reliability and quick action when you need it.

The information above should help you determine where you can find electric wheelchair insurance that is within your budget.